Herbal Toothpaste

Toothpaste with concentrated extracts of Thai herbs, Tree Herb helps reduce bad breath problems, removes tea, coffee stains, limestone stains, reduces sensitive teeth, receding gums, not spicy taste, Fresh smell while brushing your teeth. Economical. Use only as much as corn kernels.

FDA Notification Number: 10-1-6200023212​
HALAL : 13 M701 001 0764

 Herbal Toothpaste Tree Herb

Nowadays, health care is more concerned with naturalness. This is due to the problem of many chemicals and germs that can occur quickly. This makes the use of Thai herbs more popular for the safety of family members. The company is aware of good health care, so it has operated the business of producing and distributing health products especially and emphasizing the quality of the products is something that the company adheres to and practices for the consumers of the products.

For the oral problem, the main problem is severe bad breath, which makes normal life without confidence. The company has therefore taken knowledge from various ancient herbal books. To produce herbal toothpaste that helps solve severe oral problems. Until it was discovered that ancient Thai people used Khoi leaf herb with salt for brushing teeth and found that guava leaves and sage leaves help with bad breath. Borneol, camphor and cloves Helps solve bad breath and various oral problems. The company spent time experimenting and producing until it came up with the formula for Tree Herb toothpaste, concentrated Thai herbs. To help solve the problem of bad breath and various oral problems that occur very well, such as;

Tea stains, tartar stains will disappear.

The problem of mouth ulcers caused by heat will not occur again, and the problem of bleeding gums.

Reduce sensitive teeth which is a big problem for the general public

Receding gums, loose teeth close to falling out, causing teeth to become tight and not easily fall out

Bad breath. After using it, there will be no bad breath for 24 hours, creating more confidence.

Which Tree Herb toothpaste is made from extracts of many Thai herbs including:

1. Khoi helps kill bacteria, treats root canals, makes teeth white, and makes teeth strong and durable.

2. Guava leaves are excellent for relieving toothache, soothing swollen gums, and deodorizing mouth odor.

3. Cloves relieve toothache, treat root canals.

4. White chalk for sensitive teeth, root canal treatment

5. Borneol and Camphor Helps relieve mouth sores, mouth sores, swollen gums, relieve toothache, etc.

    The inception of Tree Herb herbal toothpaste

    Commencement of production

    • The year 2015 (Production and distribution for over 10 years)
    • It started with producing for personal use and addressing the issues of bad breath and oral problems within the family.
    • It emphasizes the use of Thai herbal ingredients for the health.
    • Research and experimental production 

    Important herbal ingredients include:

    Bai Khoi


    Anti bacteria, treats root canals, makes teeth white, and makes teeth strong and durable.


    Helps relieve toothache,  Relieves swollen gums and eliminates bad breath



     Relieve toothache, root canal treatment



    Solve sensitive teeth, root canal treatment


    The highlights of Tree Herb herbal toothpaste

    The quality of the product is:

    1. Removes tea, coffee, and tartar stains.

    2. Reduce symptoms of mouth ulcers caused by heat.

    3. Reduce sensitive teeth which is a big problem for ordinary people

    4. Receding gums, loose teeth, close to falling out, tightening teeth

    5. Used and no bad breath for 24 hours.

    6. The taste is not spicy. Fresh smell while brushing your teeth

    7. Economical, use only a small amount the size of a corn seed

    The overview of Tree Herb herbal toothpaste is as follows:

    Business Trend: The group of herbal users and health-conscious individuals is experiencing a higher growth rate.

    High level of safety.

    1. Verified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of Thailand.
    2. Certified by the Halal Certification Authority of Thailand.
    3. Certified as safe by Central Lab.
    4. Production on International Standard                                    ***Received the prestigious Product Excellence Award for the years 2016 and 2017.***

    Certificate of Product Safety and Best Product Award

    “The product has been tested for safety and analyzed by the state’s Central Laboratory. It has received an award as an outstanding product of excellent quality for the years 2016-2017.”

    Standards Certification (FDA, Halal)

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